Winter is just around the corner, and Michigan drivers are preparing accordingly. Ice, snow, and freezing temperatures pose unique challenges for driving in the area, but with proper winter preparation you and your vehicle can be ready for the challenge.

Check your tires.

Tires have a major impact on winter performance. As temperatures drop, tire grip can diminish. That's why it's as important as ever to have tires with proper tread depth and pressure. A quick tire inspection can show whether your set is ready for winter. Low tire pressure can be addressed. If your tires are worn and don't have sufficient tread, you may want to install a new set with fresh tread.

Test your battery.

No one wants to end up stranded with a dead battery while it's snowing. Having your battery tested before winter can help you avoid the situation. A quick test can show whether your battery has a sufficient charge to get through winter. If your battery is old and nearly finished, you may want to install a new one before the temperatures drop.

Fill your fluids.

Fluids like engine oil and antifreeze will keep your car running smoothly through frigid temperatures. Consider scheduling an appointment to have these fluids flushed and replaced before winter sets in. It's a great way to add confidence to your daily drive.

Change your wiper blades.

It's a simple task with major benefits. Installing a new set of wiper blades ensures that you'll be able to clear ice and snow from your windshield when the weather turns sour.

Schedule an appointment with the service center at Suburban Cadillac of Plymouth.

Need help preparing your car for winter? Give us a call -- our technicians can take care of winter weather prep and make sure your vehicle is ready for the cold.

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