Dealer of the Year Award

2020 Award Winner

Congratulations Suburban Cadillac of Plymouth Team on winning Cadillac Dealer of the Year 2020!

This is an accomplishment reserved for only a select few outstanding Cadillac dealerships and is a symbol of exceptional performance in delivering superior customer service, loyalty, and retention, while consistently growing new Cadillac sales, CPO sales and accessory sales.

Each Team Member in all departments contributed in this win, thank you for your contribution. Be proud in knowing that out of 900 plus Cadillac dealerships nationwide, only 20 will receive this award, and we are one of only two recipients in Michigan.

Thank you,

Mark Naszradi
Executive Manager
Cadillac's Dealer of the Year Award

The Mark of Excellence Cadillac Performance Recognition Program provides all National Cadillac Dealers with two recognition opportunities:

- Dealer of the Year: Twenty are selected nationally, and Dealer of the Year is the most elite recognition.
- Master Dealer: Forty Dealers are selected based on competitive groupings by region.

Dealer of the Year and Master Dealer Programs represent Cadillac dealers that have outperformed their peer Cadillac dealers in key metrics. Dealer must meet or exceed new Cadillac sales, certified pre-owned sales and accessory sales objectives set forth by Cadillac for the dealer's market area.

Additionally, dealer must maintain:

Cadillac Brand Standards: Dealers must meet the Cadillac brand requirements set forth by Cadillac.
Cadillac Image Facility: Dealer facility must be compliant with a Cadillac image as determined by the Cadillac Brand Regional Director.
Service Retention: Dealers must meet or exceed a service retention score outlined by Cadillac to ensure the required percentage of Cadillac vehicles sold by the dealership are also being serviced by the dealership.
Local Advertising and Marketing Program: Dealers must be enrolled in regional Cadillac Advertising and Marketing Programs throughout the retail year.
Customer Satisfaction Objective: The dealership must meet or exceed the Customer Satisfaction Survey requirements set forth by Cadillac.