Winter Weather Prep

Winter Weather Prep Services Available at Suburban Cadillac of Plymouth

Suburban Cadillac of Plymouth can help you prepare your vehicle for winter with simple preventative maintenance.

Winter weather is a challenge for many drivers as well as for cars themselves. From icy streets to sub-zero temperatures, our cars have to endure some harsh conditions when the winter months arrive. It can all mean discomfort, inconvenience, and even unsafe driving conditions for local drivers near Detroit.

But with proper preparations, you can set yourself up for success as we bear down for the cold. Visit our service center near Farmington Hills and Canton today to take advantage of these services.

Pre-Winter Tire Care

Tires are susceptible to everything from deflation to loss of traction when temperatures dip below freezing. To make sure your tires are ready for the challenge, we recommend scheduling an inspection. A professional technician can identify issues like low pressure and air up your tires accordingly.They may also identify worn down tread that can cause unsafe driving conditions. In this case, your technician may recommend installing a new set of tires with proper tread depth for dealing with snow and ice.

Cold Weather Fluid Services

Our staff of technicians can make sure all of your car's fluids are properly filled for winter. From flushing and replacing antifreeze to your routine seasonal oil changes, these services can ensure proper performance throughout the winter months.

Battery Test

Freezing temperatures can significantly diminish car battery performance. We'll test your battery to determine whether it has a sufficient charge to make its way through winter. If not, our team can quickly install a new battery. Doing so helps prevent you from ending up stranded in the cold.

Simple Maintenance

There are a few winter prep tasks that are pretty simple but have a big impact on your experience in the cold. For starters, many drivers near Livonia choose to have new wiper blades installed as well as washer fluid topped off before winter. You may also want to have all-weather floor mats installed to make cleaning up mud and snow easier.