Discover Flexible Service Payments at Suburban Cadillac of Plymouth

Routine service is crucial to maximize your vehicle's longevity and ensure a smooth driving experience. However, service costs often add up quickly, which can cause drivers to fall behind on needed maintenance and repair. Our service center serves Detroit and beyond by offering auto service financing, making it possible to pay for service on a personalized schedule.

Instead of paying large sums at once or putting off service, Livonia drivers have a better option by choosing service financing with us. You can use an intuitive online financing tool to find the flexible payment plan that works best for you. By financing through Sunbit, you can enjoy a greater sense of ease.

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How Does Service Financing Work?

When you apply for service financing, it can take as little as 30 seconds to discover an affordable payment plan. While most financing processes can be intensive, you will find that service financing through Sunbit is much easier. Financing through Sunbit is subject to approval based on several aspects of your financial profile, including creditworthiness.

There are no hidden costs or fees when you choose our service financing. With a 90 percent approval rate, you can feel confident that you can find an affordable payment plan that matches your lifestyle and budget.

You can choose between three-, six-, or twelve-month flexible payment plans after your information has been verified. You can even change your payment plan as you go by adjusting your payments or paying off your loan early.

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We provide exceptional auto service with a state-of-the-art facility, specialized equipment, and factory-trained technicians. If you want to learn more about service financing, contact us today and schedule a service appointment!