Stop by SUBURBAN CADILLAC OF PLYMOUTH and Check Out the Performance Features on the Cadillac XT5

If you love the power and versatility that comes with owning an SUV, you are not alone. This is a vehicle that is designed to do what you need it to do. If you also like to be more in control when you are driving, then you will love the performance features on the Cadillac XT5.

One of the reasons that the XT5 is such a popular midsize luxury SUV is that it is so comfortable to drive. The real-time damping feature is one of the reasons why. This is a system that adjusts the suspension once every two milliseconds according to the surface of the road that you are on.

You will also notice that the StabiliTrak feature will help you drive more safely in the rain and snow. When needed, the brakes will automatically engage to give you more control. Stop by SUBURBAN CADILLAC OF PLYMOUTH and take the XT5 on a test drive.


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