Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter The Right Way

Proper vehicle winterization can keep you from getting stranded and possibly save your life. Look in your owner's manual for information about maintenance schedules, fluids, battery, and tires. Auto winterization should be done by a certified mechanic. SUBURBAN CADILLAC OF PLYMOUTH hopes that you will follow these suggestions for winterizing your vehicle.

Have engine issues corrected or they will worsen in cold weather. Replacing filters on schedule saves gas. Putting fuel deicer (dry gas) in your fuel tank monthly will keep condensation from disrupting fuel flow. To prolong engine life the oil and oil filter should be changed according to manufacturer guidelines.

The level and freezing point of your coolant should be checked and the cooling system flushed. Have your belts, hoses, and clamps inspected. Make sure your tires are safe. Ask that the heater/defroster and battery be tested and wiper blades replaced. In the Plymouth area have your vehicle winterized by SUBURBAN CADILLAC OF PLYMOUTH.


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