Learn How to Correctly Shift Into Four-Wheel Drive

At Suburban Cadillac of Plymouth, we care that you are an informed SUV or truck owner. Part of being informed is knowing what to do when it comes to putting your vehicle into four-wheel drive. In this article, we will clarify a few details so you have a better understanding of how to use your 4WD system.

Proper Use of 4H

You can shift to 4H when driving off-road at higher speeds to enhance traction and safety. Remember to always stop the vehicle and put it in 'park' before trying to switch into 4WD. When you find yourself in difficult off-roading conditions you can shift into 4L for more torque at slower speeds; just make sure not to drive too fast in 4L as you can damage the drivetrain

FWD Speed Recommendations

It is commonly recommended to not exceed speeds of 35 mph driving in 4L and 55 mph when driving in 4H.

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